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About Us

Hello and welcome to Fresh Fishing, a little story about the inception of the brand.

Foxy and Wayne were working together when Wayne overheard Foxy say he was going fishing on the weekend. After a quick chat about fishing Wayne was invited on a trip with Foxy and his dad. From this point we started going fishing together all the time.

Before we would go fishing we’d always try to find videos of the venue we’d be visiting and usually failed, so we came up with the idea to start filming our sessions and providing insights on the different venues. This is where Fresh Fishing was born.

The Youtube channel was started September 2019. We started out feeder fishing and soon moved to specimen fishing on a mission to become solid specimen anglers.

It has to be said we’re ever so proud of the community we’ve built and we aim to keep building, bringing you great content as well as growing the business through this website and our Patreon.

Checkout our latest YouTube video here: