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Team Fresh Fishing

Welcome to team Fresh Fishing. Unofficially we’ve had a mini team for a while but now, we’ve decided to make it official and create this page to call out the members of Team Fresh Fishing.

If you’re familiar with our content and videos then you should know these recognisable faces from day ticket and France trips and as part of the team you may be seeing more regular content from the boys.

The creators and owners of Fresh Fishing Foxy & Wayne. We met at work way back in 2018 when Wayne overheard Foxy saying he was going fishing with his dad and, the rest is history. We love each others company and we’re always having a good laugh. When it comes to fishing style, Wayne usually likes to keep things simple and often uses the mega method feeder to great effect. Foxy tends to play around a little more but also has massive faith in the method.

UK PB: 22lb 13oz mirror
French PB: 51lb mirror
UK PB: 32lb mirror
French PB: 40lb 05oz

OMR aka Martyn – Team Member
In the vlogs from the very start and starring in his own Retirement session series the legend that is Old Man River. OMR also mixes things up between method feeder or a lead clip arrangement usually paired with a blowback rig.

UK PB: 22lb 07oz mirror
French PB: 31lb 08oz mirror

Jamie aka J – Team Member
J saved our skin back in 2021 when we needed another body for the Vilereal France trip. We met him just before whilst filming UK blanks and he’s captured our hearts the little sweetie. J likes to fish a heli setup on most waters.

UK PB: 33lb 11oz mirror
French PB: 44lb 13oz mirror

Jamie Fresh Fishing

Max aka Kitch – Team Member
An old friend of Foxy’s from back in the day (piss head) who also helped save the 2021 France trip. He loves a beer and talking about his wagon. Kitch likes to fish with a ronnie rig or simple hair rig.

UK PB: 26lb 07oz common
French PB: 52lb 4oz mirror

Elliot aka El’s – Team Member
We bumped into Elliot on our Trent view trip where he chucked us a £20 for BOTs & from that moment he had us!! The man doesn’t drink water just energy drinks and should be sponsored by Monster. No preference to fishing setup but usually opts for a lead clip and bottom bait.

UK PB: 32lb mirror
French PB: 21lb common